The Good Life…

So it’s time for my super fun check-in posts (yay for sarcasm). Haha but no in all honesty this has been a pretty good start to my week. Except I got my monthly gift on Sunday (tmi sorry not sorry) so there may or may not have been some banana bread casualties. ;’) But workout-wise it’s been a good week!

Monday, I played beach volleyball and taught Zumba. I burned 630 calories in class so you know it was a sweat-fest.

Tuesday, I did my first circuit workout for my new boot camp program! It was super fun – my friend and I went to our university’s outdoor track and blasted music while blasting some fat!

Today, I went on a casual stroll/hike with my friend and now I’m about to smash out Week 1 Upper Body Circuit from my program! I’m feeling super motivated this week and am once again excited to see what the future brings me.

hike pic view

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