Keep Going…

Ok so I lasted 8 days…haha in a way I kind of figured I wouldn’t make it the 30 days just because it gets so damn tedious and boring to diary blog Like omg there’s only so many times I can tell you I eat the same thing for breakfast So I’m going to try something different! I’m going to do check-ins every 3 days or so.

So these past 3 days were blah. Tuesday and Wednesday I was stressed about finding a job, money, and things so I got really exhausted which made me not workout and also lead me to mindlessly eat. But! I got back on track yesterday and got a job and did a heavy lifting full body circuit workout last night. I definitely need to get a little more strict with my eating however. I did really well last week but I’ve been eating a lot of carbs this week.

I was looking back at high school photos and was super motivated to get back to my size then (but even better because I’ll have bigger glutes and a more toned physique 😉 ) I’m really excited for what is to come but I just need to stay on track like I always say.

I did a hike this morning at 5am! It was a killer and by the time I got back I wanted to crawl into bed. But I had my first day of work so I powered through. Trying to muster up the strength to go do HIIT sprints tonight at the gym…hopefully the promise of a Think Thin bar afterwards will be enough motivation to get my tired body and soul from the couch.

I’m going to try to start posting more workouts and hopefully videos soon! Happy Friday!

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