Day 8 (recap)

Happy Monday! It’s going to be a good week I can feel it! So today I’m going to attempt to count my macros! I weighed in at the same weight for the third week straight and I need to make some adjustments.

Breakfast (500 cals)

2 cups of coffee with unsweetened almond milk, two pieces of toast with jam + peanut butter, and an apple.

Macros –

Protein – 18g / 14%

Fat – 20g / 35%

Carb – 67g / 51%

Big breakfast to fuel me until my class gets out! Ideally I want to hit 155g protein, 62g fat, and 140g carbs today. This puts me around 1739 cals but I’m going to try to only focus on the macros.

…Ok real talk…

I gave up on macros after breakfast. It’s so god-awfully tedious and reminds me of my obsessive high school self.

Back to the journaling that’s boring me to death but keeping me accountable. So I had some chicken breast before class to hold me over.

Got back and had that new Chobani Salted Carmael Greek yogurt but it was too sweet for me so I added half a serving of regular nonfat Greek yogurt (bonus of extra protein yay).

I snacked on an apple, carrots, a ground turkey breast patty with Opa ranch and honey wheat pretzels (a lot – oops) with lottsa peanut butter. Then to top things off I had a lime fruit juice frozen bar popcicle thing that was semi-healthy. So big afternoon snack. Should probably have held myself back from the mindless eating buuuuut…

It was all good in the neighborhood because I went to teach Zumba and came back having burned 630 calories! Yay! My shins weren’t happy though, especially with HIIT last night.

I had a yummy protein shake after Zumba with half of a banana, kale, a cup of the frozen fruit medley, a sweetened almond milk and a scoop of vanilla Plant Fusion protein powder. ‘Twas delicious. ❤️

Well goodnight fitfam. Hope you all had a great Monday as well!

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