Day 7 (recap)

Finally made it to a week! Now I just have to make it for 3 more of these haha. Woke up and had some watermelon and a cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk..which turned into 2 or 3 cups total. Then I finished breakfast with nonfat Greek gouty with PB granola and honey.

I hit the pool for some more sun and read some of my book! Spend a good two hours at the pool and got a little pink…oops. Came home and then went to good old Target to stock up on groceries.

Grocery Haul

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Frozen fruit medley
  • Carrots
  • Whole grain bread
  • Simply Fruit black raspberry jam
  • Natural peanut butter
  • An Udi frozen cheese pizza
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Honey wheat pretzels
  • Opa Greek ranch dressing
  • A Chobani Salted Caramel Greek yogurt because I was too curious
  • A Suja juice
  • Shredded cheese

I got home and nom’d on a Suja Fuel juice and an apple + pretzels with peanut butter. For dinner I cooked up that delicious Udi’s pizza and put some of the Opa Greek ranch on it. YUM.

Hit the gym for a massive workout which I will actually post tomorrow. It consisted of weight lifting circuits with HIIT at the end. I really didn’t want to do HIIT but I did it! Right when I started my warm up jog I could feel my shins screaming at me. I pushed through the mental roadblock and told myself I could do it. I finished the full 10 mins and felt so good! I love how accomplished I feel after HIIT. Also I already feel like my stamina is improving after this week.

For my post workout meal I blended up an amazing protein shake. It had half of a banana, a scoop of vanilla Plant Fusion protein powder, a cup of the frozen fruit medley, a cup of unsweetened almond milk and a handful of kale. Soooo good and it blended up perfectly.

This week has been a great one. Looking back I smashed a lot of good workouts. In these past 7 days I’ve done HIIT 3 times, a yoga class, 2 full body weight circuit sessions, a BBG ABS workout and taught 2 Zumba classes! Crazy right? Well I have a little over a week until I go to San Diego for a mini weekend getaway with my parents and I’m so excited to see if they notice a difference in how I look! Regardless of if they do or not, I know how hard I’ve worked and I’m proud of myself. Tomorrow is Monday and the start of diary Week 2 and I’m so ready to start off on the right foot! Bye luvs. ❤️

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