Day 4 (recap)

Boom. Another day. I’m such a creature of habit I don’t know whether to be happy or sad haha. Two pieces of flax toast with honey and almond butter. Two cups of coffee with almond milk and I was still sleepy.

Went to class, had an interview and then braved the storm at Costco…like I really thought I liked ppl and was a nice person until I tried to park my car and walk through the aisles. Ughhh anyways. Came home and had a Suja, chicken breast + one leg from a roster chicken a got at Costco, a grilled cheese with my flax bread and grapes…a lot haha. But I didn’t eat after class so my body wasn’t happy…it was hangry.

Went to the pool and got some good ole vitamin d. Read some of The Power Of Habit and tried to take a power nap.

After trying to fix my awful tan lines I came home to the delightful breeze of my fan and nom’d on some pineapple.

Had a weird dinner of nonfat Greek yogurt with PB granola and honey, then air popped popcorn with olive oil, Parmesan and lemon pepper. Had a mini dance sesh by myself in my living room (no shame) and then it was gym time!

So I kicked my ass at the gym. I warmed up with 10 mins on the bike and then moved on to my circuit training. I started with 15lb dumbbells  and went through 10 reps of hammer curls, side dips and shrugs. After doing that circuit three times I moved onto a circuit of medicine ball squat and press, cable pull backs into a lunge and tricep pull downs. I repeated that three times and moved onto various other circuits incorporating both upper and lower body. After 45 mins of that I was thoroughly exhausted. But I wasn’t done. I finished off with 10 mins of HIIT on the treadmill and survived. Like seriously guys…I thought I was going to throw up half way through the sprints but I finished! Dragged my lifeless body to a secluded part of the gym to foam roll my pain away.

Came home and made a protein shake with acai, Plant Fusion vanilla protein, unsweetened almond milk and flax seed. Great day and I’m proud of all that I accomplished!

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