Day 3 (recap)

Good morning! Guess how I started my day? Two pieces of flax whole grain toast with almond butter + honey and two cups of coffee with a splash of almond milk. What can I say I’m a creature of habit. I woke up (without hitting the snooze button) and felt mildly sore from those sprints I did last night!

Got back from class and had some nonfat Greek yogurt with PB granola and honey. Then went on a massive cleaning spree. Like…massive. I’m talking cleaning counters, the microwave, my bathroom, vacuuming, washing the bathroom and kitchen floor mats, scrubbing the stove…it got intense people.

Went out to pick up lunch at my favorite market and deli. I got a wrap with a flour tortilla (sadly they were out of spinach wraps) with chopped chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, ranch, bacon and shredded cheese. It’sy favorite ting ever and it’s AHHHMAZING. I also got a Purify Organics juice that was beet, Apple and ginger. Yum. Also…I gave into a temptation. I had been craving this chick soft chip espresso cookie aaaalllll weekend and I held strong soooo since I taught Zumba and did sprints last night I depicted to happily give into a craving. 🙂 everything in moderation! So once I devoured all those delicious goodies I realized until I went to sub a Zumba class for another teacher.

Class was great and I dragged my tired legs home for a well deserved shower (and ate a cookie Quest protein bar on the walk back❤️).  Anyone else contemplate lying on the couch and dying after a workout instead of hopping directly into the shower? It’s my biggest struggle.

Downed lots of water and made some ice tea with my Tazo Passion tea bags. Got a lot of papers organized and enjoyed the pristine state of my sparkly clean apartment. Finished my night off with a air popped popcorn with lemon pepper, olive oil and Parmesan. It was another good day. ❤️

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