Day 2 (recap)

Day 2 here we go! Woke up (snooze button only once-score) and did the homework I didn’t do last night (oops). Ate two pieces of flax whole grain bread with almond butter and honey with a two cups of Keruig coffee and a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Did BBG Wk 9 Abs while continuing that damn Netflix binge. Showered, got ready for class and made myself some scrambled eggs with cheese (2 eggs + shredded sharp cheddar). Add in one more cup of coffee because YOLO and I’m ready for class.

Got back from class and nom’d on a Think Thin Chunky PB protein bar and set out to buy some good reads at Barnes and Noble. Picked up the July issue of Shape (Jillian Michaels will forever be my role model – fitspo AND a business woman), The Power of Habits and Eeny Meeny. Drove to the beach and tanned for a solid hour and a half while reading Shape cover to cover. ❤️

Got back hungry so I made a BOMB protein shake with one banana, a scoop of Plant Fusion vanilla protien, frozen raspberries, ice, and flax seed – all blended and topped with PB granola. Relaxed on the couch with my big cup of water (gaaawd it was hot today) and babied the horrendous neck ache I woke up with.

I made a huge and delicious dinner of open face melt with a whole avocado (bliss ❤️), turkey breast patty and cheddar cheese on a piece of flax toast and finished off with zucchini boats on the side (from my amazing mom). 

Debated being a bum on the comfy couch for a while, then realized I wasn’t going to be an inspirational figure in the fitness industry without getting out of my comfort zone. So I laced up my sneakers and walked to the gym. 

I took to the treadmill and walked for 5 minutes to warm up. Next I jogged lightly for 5 minutes so my shins didn’t curse me to hell (I’ve had problems with shin splints in the past). The first 5 minutes of jogging (5mph) went surprisingly well considering I haven’t ran in over 3 months. Then the real stuff happened. I did HIIT for Wk 9 of BBG (30:30 sprint/stop). At first I set my sprint at 8mph, but after the first two or three sets I bumped it up to 8.5mph and then went back and forth from that to 9mph for the last couple of sets. I did that for a total of 10 minutes and finished with a jog/walk cool down for 5 minutes. God did my legs hurt. I could feel my quads start to cramp up about halfway through. But I did it. I finished. Not only did I finish but I pushed myself hard. Nothing beat the endorphins I had coming off that treadmill. I made sure to foam roll and stretch before walking the slow and steady path back to my apartment.

Rinsed off and refueled with some nonfat Greek yogurt with frozen raspberries and a sprinkle of that yummy PB granola I had earlier. 

It was a good day. I hit my goals mentally and physically. I proved to myself that I can do it. I can and I will. Tomorrow is another day. Another opportunity to smash my goals and I am so ready. 

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