Day 1 (recap)

So here we go. I decided to blog every day for the next 30 days. I will be posting what I eat, what exercises I do and any struggles/accomplishments I undergo. Let’s do this!

This morning I woke up for class and hit the snooze button – twice. It was a struggle since I didn’t sleep well the night before, but I always set my alarm waaaay too early so I was good. I had two cups of coffee from my Keruig with a splash of unsweetened almond milk and two pieces of flax whole grain bread with almond butter and honey.

After class I went to the pool for some R&R 🌞. I had a Chocolate Espresso Think Thin protein bar before so my stomach wouldn’t grumble too much.

After the pool I posted up on my couch to finish my incessant binge of the Netflix show The Killing, accompanied with a bowl of nonfat Greek yogurt with raw almonds and raspberries. Began my usual multi-tasking by meal prepping turkey breast patties, cleaning my kitchen, and finally practicing/choreographing my Zumba routine. I had another Think Thin protein bar (Chunky PB this time) before Zumba so I didn’t like die or something like that…

I kicked some booty teaching Zumba and my class seemed to love the new (semi-twerky) choreography I put in. My Polar FT4 watch said I burned…wait for it…675 calories in 57 minutes. BOOM. Zumba is no joke, people.

Came home dead tired, slightly hangry and sparkly (aka sweaty). After my ice cold shower I made a protein shake with one sad-looking banana, a scoop of vanilla Plant Fusion protein powder, a (big) plop of almond butter, a single serving of this acai freezer mix I bought at Whole Foods, a handful of frozen raspberries and unsweetened almond milk. It was fab ❤️.

Began to chug ice water in hopes to get rid of my headache (exercise-induced headaches are kinda my thing). Continued my Netflix binge and attempted to get some homework done.

Nom’d on some air popped popcorn with olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning and shaker Parmesan. Delish.

There you go. Day 1 complete. I feel really good about today. I feel on track and proud. Can’t wait to see what the next 29 days bring!

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