Check In – TGIF + Worth

Hey all! It’s a beautiful sunny Friday here in California and of course I’m sipping on a cappuccino at my favorite spot. It’s been a crazy week but a fulfilling week nonetheless. This week I dealt a lot with self-worth. Not in the usual “I need to be skinnier” way, but more so realizing how amazing and worthwhile I really am. Long story short, I went through a nasty “breakup” with this guy I’d been seeing. The whole thing was a metaphorical spit-in-the-face and I realized I didn’t need or deserve to put up with this shit. It finally hit me that, dammit, I’m a catch. I work hard, try to be as kind to everyone as I can and take care of myself mentally and physically. I don’t deserve to be dragged through the glass by someone who doesn’t who know what they have in front of them. But hell it’s not just me. It’s every single person out there. No one deserves to be treated like less than a person. Period. End of story. I have a fabulous video my friend sent me that I have watched multiple times. It’s not only extremely accurate but it’s funny as hell. Check it out here for a mood pick-me-up.

On the fitness side of things, I’ve been doing well. Although I haven’t done BBG this week (for some reason I’m scared to start Wk 8…) I did a good mix of cardio and weight lifting so far this week. I plan to hit the gym tonight and hopefully knock out BBG Legs and then have a heavy leg session. I feel soooo much better this week though. Every time I look in the mirror it’s like my progress just pops out to me (but maybe that’s because of the wicked nice tan I’m getting from the pool every day 😉 ).

All and all, I’m good. Actually scratch that…I’m great. I was reminded this week of what an amazing support system I have behind me and that I can overcome most anything I put my mind to. Dark clouds don’t stay around as long as you invite the sun back.

I went downtown last night for the weekly Farmer’s Market and felt really good. I rocked a dress (for once in my life ha) and felt good in my own skin. No, I don’t have my dream body yet but it’s getting there and I think I finally believe that I can do it. Here’s some pics from my night out!

ootn car selfie

Well I’m off to the pool in a bit to keep my tan game going strong. I hope all of you lovelies have a fabulous Friday and that you realize too that you are worth it. ❤

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