Suja Juice and Why It’s A Fav

The first time I tried Suja Juice was over a year ago. I was at Whole Foods with my mom and they had a pop up vendor giving out these interesting-looking juice samples. They had me at samples so I tried some. The guy started telling my mom and I about all the health benefits and how they were made with their special cold pressed method and we were sold. We bought one that day and the rest is history.

Okay so yes…Suja is not college-budget friendly. However, I am willing to spend a couple more dollars to snag this deliciousness at the store. Suja makes me feel healthy, and I try pretty damn hard to be healthy. There’s something about drinking all these yummy fruits and veggies that makes you feel this boost of awesomeness. Like BOOM! I’m healthier already.


So Suja began by marketing to the “cleanse” aspect of the health industry that still seems to be a craze every now and then. Naturally, my mom and I decided to fork out the money to buy a day’s worth of the cleanse package. It consisted of 6-7 juices from their classics line and we were suppose to drink one every couple of hours and not workout too hard. Well…we made it to the 5th juice. It’s not that the cleanse wasn’t yummy…because it was. But a cleanse isn’t some random thing people due to pretend to be healthy. It’s literally detoxifying your body. Only drinking liquids allows your digestive system to work its magic and clean out all of the crap you’ve been putting in your body at 2am runs to the fridge. So it’s not that the Suja cleanse didn’t work or wasn’t worth the money…it’s that my mom and I were and are cleanse wimps haha. There’s a system to doing a cleanse. You’re suppose to slowly cut out heavily processed foods and start drinking more liquids and smoothies, etc etc. But no…we just jumped into it like YOLO. The headaches came by 5pm that day and we both caved and decided to eat some (healthier than average) popcorn. But I still drink Suja to this day. I hadn’t prepped myself to do a detox and who knows maybe that’s not my thing. I think the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything crunchy the whole day is what really drove me mad.

Back to this amateur review. (Which btw I am not being paid to do because you actually need a substantial follower base for haha oh well… :/ ) I love Suja…I’ll scream it from the rooftops. Damn I even have their mini leafy looking logo stuck on my car window. I don’t just love their products, I love what they stand for. I love the health movement that has been sweeping the nation for the last couple of years and I hope it runs all of the horrible fast food chains out of business. Life is so much better when you focus on taking care of your body. Which is how I feel when I drink Suja Juices. Happy body, happy life.


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