Challenge #1 (Summer 2k15)

So once again I’m kickin’ it in my favorite coffee house, deliberating this next month or so. I have big plans for myself to set in motion by my 22nd birthday, and my body is definitely one of them. I will do whatever it takes (by the healthy way) to be proud of my journey by then. I (being the organize-freak of a Virgo that I am) decided to break up this mini summer journey into challenges or phases. So Challenge #1 begins now!

Yesterday, I weighed in at 155.8 lbs. As said in a previous post, I have about 12 weeks until my 22nd birthday. This means I need to get to 143.8 lbs by then to hit my goal. I need to average a loss of 1.08 lbs per week, which to me seems very doable with determination and consistency. So for this first phase (ending July 17th), I need to weigh 151.8 lbs to be on track for my goal. Here is how I plan to do this:


I plan to eat three meals a day with minimal snacking. My diet will consist of healthy fats (ie: almond butter and avocados), lean proteins (ie: chicken breast and eggs) and complex carbs (ie: sweet potatoes and whole grains). I will not be drinking any alcohol for this first phase and will reevaluate that choice once I get to the second challenge. I will focus on drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day and keep other beverages to a minimum (aka cutting down on coffee 😥 )


I plan to complete weeks 8-11 of BBG during these first 4 weeks of the Strong Summer journey. I will also participate in at least 3 days of heavy lifting or high rep days per week. In addition to that, I will add in at least 2 extra fitness activities every week (this can be yoga, a hike, spin class, playing basketball, etc). I will take rest days when my body needs them, be sure to stretch often, and mix in some two-a-day workouts.

Other Goals

Aside from my weight goal, I have other skill-focused goals I want to work towards. The first is to deadlift and squat 110 lbs. This plays into my overall goal to deadlift and squat 150 lbs and will help me stay on track for that goal. My second goal is to be able to complete 25 burpees without stopping. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my burpees since beginning BBG and know I can improve further. My third and final goal (because I believe in the power of threes) is to run 3.1 miles in under 30 mins. Running has always been a struggle for me. I joined cross-country sophomore year of high school and developed shin splints…which deepened my hatred for running lol. I know I can hit this goal, it’s just a matter of making myself do it.

So there it is…Challenge #1. I know all of those goals and mini challenges above are totally doable, I just need to stay focused. This summer is about making myself happy…me, just me. And while this sounds really selfish, it’s the good kind of selfish I think. I’m the one who has to live my life, live in my body, and deal with my own consequences. Why shouldn’t I do everything possible to guarantee I’m happy?

Dueces, luvs.

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