Summer Strong

So it’s officially my summer break! Woohooo! Even though I’m taking summer classes at my university that still means…MORE BLOGGING TIME! My goal is to post at least once a week and focus more on giving all of you lovely people more workout ideas!

So with the start of my summer, I did some reflecting on my goals and what I wanted to have accomplished at the end of the summer (which just happens to align perfectly with my 22nd birthday). My first and main goal is to lose weight. Now I know I go back and forth with this because you can weigh the same and have more muscles, less fat. However, I was 20 lbs lighter back in the day (pre-college) and that was with a pretty good amount of muscle already packed on. The fact that I’ve actually gained 20 lbs in 2.5 years in insane and I promised myself I’d never be one of those people…but I’ll save that for another post…

Back to the positives! My goal is to drop 12 lbs…that’s a little over a pound a week (11.5 weeks until my birthday). I know this is totally doable but I’ll still have to be consistent with my dedication throughout these next 3-ish months. I will be posting my measurements and weight in the next couple of days for accountability and also to motivate myself and you!

My second goal is to dead lift and squat 150 lbs…this one is going to be a little tricky. Right now my PR for dead lift is 100 lbs and my squat has been at 90 lbs for a lil bit (aka forever). Again, totally doable I just need to focus on my form and keep upping that weight! Weight lifting has always been my thing, ever since my mom took my to the gym and showed me how to lift in 7th/8th grade. It’s one of my favorite forms of me time and also gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I move up in weight or reps.

The third goal for this summer is to finish BBG. I should have finished it this week but once again I let life get in the way. There’s nothing wrong with having drinks with friends once a week or taking a rest day…but I will not blow off any more weeks of BBG. I saw great progress in the weeks that I did, I just need to, again, stay consistent. I am going to start with Wk 8 on Monday and finish the last 5 weeks in tandem with my first 5 weeks of summer classes. After that I plan on doing the first 5 weeks of BBG 1.0 again and we’ll see how I’m feeling from there.

So there’s my top goals! They are all completely different but will help me achieve my overall goal physique and be a well-rounded fittie. I know I have the potential in me, I just need to harness all of that potential and stay consistent.


As far as my to-do’s go…these include:

  • try a new fitness class (Pilates maybe??)
  • surf
  • take a Pole Fitness class
  • tan and rock my bikini as much as possible
  • practice yoga + yoga inversions
  • gain flexibility

My non-fitness goals…

  • read 3 books
  • roadtrip
  • get an A in at least one class
  • have a beach bonfire
  • write more
  • find a job I love

So to start being Summer Strong (catchy right? I mean I am a Marketing major 😉 ) I did a great leg day while visiting home over the weekend! Here are a few pics I’ll use to track my progress.

IMG_5969IMG_5967 IMG_5968

I have a long ways to go but I’m not too unhappy with my body right now. Which is a HUGE step for me. I have struggled with body image for so long that I’m just happy I can be happy with myself. When I look at those pictures I see potential…I see potential to be everything I’ve ever wanted. And I’ll get everything I set my mind to.

Now, on the workout side of my blog I have been slacking! Luckily my amazing mom played videographer during our workout while I was visiting Utah. Here’s a quick snippet of a killer leg exercise to get for a total glute burn! I used a 30 lb barbell but will definitely step it up to 50 lbs next time!

Squat Video

Click the video to see the original (good quality haha) video with some snazzy twerk music to motivate your leg day! Also…I switched up my Instagram account. I’m starting fresh with this summer and wanted an account to match that. @squatsand coffee is still up and running but check out @fittie_gie for the 100% real, sassy and positive Angie! Stay happy luvs! ❤

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