Learning to Love

I haven’t written anything in a week but it’s not because I’ve lost my way. It’s because my life is a hectic swirl and I’m trying to get my head above water. I’m good though. Actually, I’m great. Here’s why…

For the first time in a long time (forever maybe?) I’m feeling good about myself. I’ve been rocking my bikini weekly to the pool to tan and I’m not close to where I want to be body-wise…but you know what? That’s okay. I’m not going to hold myself back from life anymore because of stupid body image problems. Life is short, so why waste it? 

I have finally learned to love myself…if not completely I’m on my way there. I value my own worth and can look myself in the mirror and be happy. So I guess this post is just a sappy rant about how important it is to love yourself. Talking down to yourself and not valuing all of your beauty and potential is a quick way to make yourself unhappy and unsuccessful. Invest in yourself and watch what comes next…I dare you. 

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