Week 6 – Much To Learn

So it’s my Week 6 of BBG. A lot has happened up to this point – no smooth sailing here. But I made it. That’s all that matters. Last time I gave up and let life derail me after Week 5. Not this time. I didn’t do my circuit on Monday this week, but I did 1.5 circuits yesterday. I’m not giving up. Stress will not get the best of me and I won’t let myself get the best of me.

I think that’s been my biggest struggle with this whole journey – myself. I slip back into old habits because maybe I don’t see myself actually looking like all those girls in their transformation pictures. This is the only body I’ve known my whole life, so the idea of having a body I’m proud to strut around is hard to believe.

This is so much bigger than a toned body though. This is about me being happy. In 10 years I’m not going to give a shit if I had abs…I’m going to look back and remember if I was happy in my twenties or not. I’m determined to be happy.

Being happy is not directly related with being one of those girls on Instagram, posting bikini butt pics and getting 10k likes. Being happy is about going out with friends and feeling drop-dead-gorgeous in your outfit. Being happy is about stepping onto the beach and being excited to relax and have fun – not about worrying what other people think of your body. Being happy is about looking yourself in the mirror at night and loving every part of yourself. I plan to be happy and nothing will stop me from working to achieve that goal.

I missed a couple workouts this week, yes. But the week isn’t over yet. I plan on doing 1-2 of Kayla’s circuits this morning and then I get to dance my ass off and teach Zumba to my lovely students later. This is going to be a good day…a good week. I’m done with eating poorly. I’m going to take care of my body and it will reward me in the long run.

Here’s to being happy, healthy and striving for my best. ❤

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