Week “5” – What’s the dealio?

Hey all. Sorry I took a quick minute away from blogging. I started a new job and my school year is coming to a close so I’m super busy. But! There’s a lot to tell…

So last week I fell off of the fitness wagon a little. I didn’t do my BBG circuits and I didn’t eat healthy. I let stress get the best of me and I didn’t keep a positive outlook. But that was last week…this week will be different. I’m going to kick some ass and manage my stress in a healthy way.

Technically, this is supposed to be Week 6. However, I can’t let Week 5 slip through my fingers. I’m going to push BBG back one week so I can do it to my very best. This point in BBG is crucial because Week 5 is the week I stopped last time. Not this time though! I’m going to finish strong and make a permanent change!

Here’s where I’m at right now. I’m not content with my body as of now, but I’m excited for what it can and will be. 


There’s a lot for me to work on personally. Physically, I want to work on my thighs and stomach (those are my major problem areas). Mentally, I need to focus on keeping a positive mindset and having patience with progress. I’ve had a ton of support from my family and close friends and that gives me even more motivation to make an impact.

That’s one of my goals…I want to make an impact on people. I’ve struggled with body image my whole life. I’ve always played sports and been moderately healthy, but I’ve never had one of those “holy shit she’s hot” bodies. I want to make myself the best I can be and inspire others to do the same. It will take dedication, determination and time, but it will be worth it.

That’s all for now luvs. Til next time. ❤

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