Healthier Coffee Orders

Good morning babes and gents! It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here in California and once again I’m posted up in my favorite coffee shop (with a cappuccino in hand of course). Which got me thinking…what coffee orders could one consider “healthy”? Well ‘Gie to the rescue! I’ve come up with my own little cheat sheet of how to order your coffee with your health and fitness goals in mind!

Before we get into it let’s keep one thing in mind. I am by no means a dietician and do not have any professional certification or training in nutrition. However, I have spent countless hours researching and reading articles written by people who have. So…take my advice with a grain of salt. I am not giving you guidelines for how to lose weight by switching your coffee order at Starbucks…I’m here to offer you my advice on making your order healthier and sharing what has worked for me 🙂 Okay then…

Here are my tips and tricks for ordering coffee the healthier way! If you’ve been reading my blog you already know I can’t survive without my morning cup (or two 😉 ) so I’d like to think I have the process of staying healthy at the coffee shop down pretty well. Enjoy my tips and share it if you are just so in love with this mini info-graphic I made that you can’t keep it to yourselves. ❤

order-coffeeSo obviously nonfat cappuccino is at the top of the recommendations because I’m obsessed…honestly guys if I don’t have one I go a little crazy…buuuut anyways! Enjoy your Sunday luvs and who knows…maybe I’ll go on a posting rampage today. Maybe 😉

Byessssss ❤

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