Week 3 Recap

Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning to rain ❤ so happy. So with all of this lovely and gloomy weather I decided to catch up on all of my blogging! Here’s a quick look back at this week’s BBG workouts and my ups and downs!


Class all day but pushed through my BBG Wk 3 Legs + Cardio workout plus one time through Wk 2 ‘s Full Body circuit that I missed.


Hit up the gym after work with one of my best friends. Had girl time chats and really got some good advice from her about life! She’s my workout partner and we talked about our goals and plans to meet those goals!


Class all day again. Mother Nature hit me hard and the cravings were rampant. Pushed through though and kicked some booty with the Wk 3 Arms + Abs workout plus the second round of Wk 2’s Full Body circuit.


Taught Zumba! Super fun class, everyone brought great energy. My friend (workout bestie) came over and we made gluten-free pizza! It was ahhhmazing and pretty healthy! We may have went a little overboard with toppings that weighted more than the pizza 😉


Work then class. Came home and relaxed before hitting up the gym for some late-night LISS. I was supposed to do my Wk 3 Full Body but my body was feeling all of the food I’ve been nom-ing on the past week so I decided to switch my days!

Gym Pic  - LISS

Saturday (today)

Had a meeting and now I’m enjoying a nonfat cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop! The plan of attack today is to write some kick-ass posts for you all (including some recipes & my goals), get some homework done, do yesterday’s Full Body circuit and then hit the gym late again for a lifting sesh! #stoked

Sunday (tomorrow)

Tomorrow is my optional “off” day to rest up and do BBG Rehabilitation (stretching). Depending on the weather I might go on a solo hike to clear my head and prepare for this next week.
Also, I plan to meal prep some yummy things for this week so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Thinking back and looking forward to this week…

Last week I definitely had a lot of mini “slip-ups”. Time of the month caused me to overeat a couple of things but it’s nothing to worry about. I kept up with my workouts and didn’t eat anything bad. I showed myself that you can always be in control. Even though I may have lost a little control with a bag of dark chocolate chips 😉 I stayed in control and buckled down with my workouts (and did a little extra to counterbalance myself). This next week, however, is crunch time. I am determined to make this round of Kayla the best it can possibly be. I’ll be starting Wk 4 and I want to be begin seeing progress…that means logging hours in the gym and focusing on being healthy (mentally and physically). I already feel stronger in my arms and am really really excited to start to get a well-defined look in my biceps. Things are looking good and my mood is great! I need to keep up these positive vibes and the sky is the limit!

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