Morning Motivation + Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

Good morning luvs!

It’s a cloudy but oh-so-lovely day here on the central coast of California. I had a midterm this morning but it’s still a great day! It’s Wednesday, halfway through the week and fingers crossed it’ll rain today ❤

So this morning I made my absolute favorite breakfast – one of my classic protein smoothie bowls! It was just what I needed (shoutout to Mother Nature for trying to wreak havoc on my mood and failing) So I’m in a grand mood and fueled and ready for my day! This breakfast is super easy to make and totally yummy! (my neighbors probably hate me for using the blender at 7 am…oops) Here’s my go-to recipe for breakfast bowls!

Ultimate Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Ta-da! It’s that easy! I’ll be posting more variations of this quick’n’easy breakfast later this week!

Breakfast Bowl

So this morning I woke up feeling fabulous. Despite being bloated I just felt great. I have to credit this to my workout last night with my good friend and my overall outlook on life this past week. You see, I’ve decided to just do me. Period. End of story. I am going to do things that make me happy and make myself a priority. I’m not drinking, so I had to turn down drinks with friends last night, however, that’s okay. I’m on a mission. I’m determined, and I want to do better. Now, please note, doing my own thing is by no means an excuse to be antisocial. I’ll hang with my girls, but just opt out for the things that don’t have a place in my life anymore. Life is about balance. Balancing friends, work, school, family, fitness and all other aspects of my crazy life. Yes, one aspect may take a larger priority but I can still fit doses of the others in.

Back to this morning! Of course I couldn’t have been in this great of a mood without my coffee. I did treat myself to a large nonfat cappuccino with caramel sauce because my lady business told me too…(I regret saying lady business now I feel like a grandma…) anyways! It was delicious and I highly recommend adding caramel to spice up your coffee without cheating too much.

Today is BBG Week 3 Arms + Abs…aka death by pushups. I also will be doing half of the Week 2 Full Body circuit I missed last Friday. So basically I’m going to be panting again in my living room…I’m going to refrain from making a Life Alert joke but I kinda just did…so many grandma jokes this morning…you’ll find out that I call myself a grandma often because I’d rather go to the gym and come home to Netflix then go out and rage. (again…oops)

Follow me for more recipes, rants, inspiration and progress to come! Also peep my Instagram here! Happy Hump Day!

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