Welcome to Squats and Coffee!

Hello world! Welcome to my fitness and health blog! I will be bringing you all my daily rants and ravings and hopefully motivating and inspiring you along the way!

Here’s a little background on me… 

I’m a college junior, living in California. I’m originally from Utah, so to say the out-of-state transition has been easy would be a lie. I’ve always been active. Growing up I played on about a billion different sports teams ranging from basketball to volleyball and even golf. However, I’ve never had that dream body. Body image is something I’ve struggled with ever since I was in middle school. I had an obsessive relationship with food all throughout high school but have overcome that with time and a lot of reflection. I’d like to say I know a lot about fitness and health but there’s A TON more I could learn. I’ve been lifting weights since I was about 14 and currently teach Zumba at my university. It’s a blast and has definitely made me more of an outgoing person.

Now in regards to my body type and goals (since this is one of the main reasons of this blog)…puberty blessed me with thick thighs and an ass, something I hated until recently. (shoutout to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj for making big booty in style). I like my shape now. I’m proud to be thick and I know I can work hard to achieve my idea of a perfect body type (however my perfect won’t be your perfect or the majority’s perfect AND perfect doesn’t exist buuuut back to what I was saying). I want to tone my legs (thighs especially) and firm up my stomach (hello little pooch). To give you a visual…think a shorter Iggy Azalea or for those of you that know the IG sensation and fitness goddess Nicole Mejia (hello fitspo).

So there you go! A tennie tiny look at who I am. Also note my sarcasm and sass will be rampant throughout this blog.

And of course the name! Squats make a booty proud and how could I survive the day without my coffee??

Later boos!

Hiking and flexin'

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