Death By Kayla

If you haven’t heard of Instagram sensation Kayla Itsines you should probably drop everything you’re doing now and go peep her account (and her abs) hate burpees…so when I saw her plan was full of them, I died a little inside. However, I finally started it mid-December 2014 during my winter break. Boy, was it rough. I consider myself a pretty active person, but this was something else. Yes the workouts are only about 28 minutes but I felt immensely more winded and worked than my usual hour lifting sessions had ever left me feeling.

*Quick side note…2014 was a bad year for me…we all have one of those years I think. I went through a mild period of depression January – May and with that came unhealthy eating and working out less…so needless to say I set my fitness goals back a-ways. However, I was (and am) determined to get back in shape and get in even better shape than I have ever been. I decided 2015 was my year to get my “dream body” and that I was going to learn to love myself and my body by my 22nd birthday (September 2015)

Okay so back to the now and the why… I completed 5 of the 12 weeks of BBG. I ended up legitimately starting after New Years…due to a wild girls’ weekend in Vegas. So for these 5 weeks I did the workouts and the results came without me realizing it. I had no idea until I took photos that it was that drastic. Something to note: I didn’t eat perfectly, I skipped workouts now and then and had cheat meals. No one is perfect. Life happens, we have slip ups and sometimes you want to go to Happy Hour with your girls after a long week. Ok so you’ve probably scrolled down already and hopefully were filled with excitement and surprise…but if not…have a peep at my 5 week arm progress with BBG.5 Week BBG Arm Progress
Boom! Crazy, right?! The top photo was during that winter break of 2014 and the bottom photo was taken the first week or so of February 2015. So now you’re probably thinking…girl why did you only do 5 weeks out of 12 with that crazy awesome progress!? Well…life happened of course. I got stressed, I got sick, I lacked motivation…the cycle repeated, continued, etc. However! I’m back at it boos. I started BBG from the beginning with all of the other lovely ladies (and a few gents) that are a part of #thek2movement. This is all of the BBG community that restarted the guides from Day 1 on April 6th, 2015. With that being said I officially started Week 3 yesterday! I have pledged to stop drinking alcohol (even that after-work glass of wine) for at least a month. I went all of February without alcohol, and even though I’m a 21 year old college student, it wasn’t too bad 🙂 I started counting calories on Monday (yesterday). I didn’t count calories at all during my first 5 weeks of BBG but I need to focus in on what I’m eating and how much so I can get back in my healthy, clean eating mindset. I haven’t counted calories in a while (I’ve you’ve read my bio you know a little why) but I’ve set my intake at 1800 calories/day with high protein intake (150 g). I’m not too concerned about my carbs since I’ll be working out like crazy, however, under 250 grams for Resistance Training days is my ideal limit.

Keep in mind..what is good for me isn’t necessarily good for you. I’ve done a lot of research over the years and know how much my body needs to function and thrive with high intensity workouts. Anyways! I’m really excited about the next couple of months and hopefully I’ve kept your attention and haven’t bored you! I will be posting progress pics, recipes, workouts and any rants, raves and advice I have! Be healthy and be happy luvs! ❤

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